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Luxury launch Torremolinos, Málaga

Málaga, a city located in southern Spain, has become a vibrant center for fashion and style in recent years. The city is known for its combination of tradicional Spanish charm and a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere, which is reflected in its fashion scene.

Málaga offers a diverse range of shopping experiences. From high-end designer boutiques to popular international brands, you'll find something for every taste and budget.

Museo del Patrimonio Municipal: This museum, located in Málaga, showcases the city's historical and cultural heritage, including a section dedicated to fashion. Here, you can explore exhibitions that highlight the evolution of fashion and clothing styles throughout Málaga's history.


The private condo is locate only 4 minutes from
the beach and 7 minutes from the airport

The Luxury House TYPE 1A is located in a serene and private condominium in the desired town of Torremolinos. This exceptional property stands one of the 23 exclusive residences that make up this exceptional residential haven.

400m2 plot of land with a gentle slope and views of Torremolinos for the construction of an exceptional villa distributed on two levels. The access floor has 94,7m2, magnificent outdoor recreation and barbecue spaces of 93,5m2 and two parking spaces. The constructed area of the upper floor is 74,3m2 and two large terraces for rooms of 25m2 each.

The architectural project os Luxury House TYPE 1A has been meticulously conceived to celebrate an intimate and fluid relationship between the interior and exterior spaces. Through large sliding glass windows, an intertwining is achieved that invites the exterior enviroment to merge with the interior environments.


Beyond its elegance, Luxury House TYPE 1A offers an additional opportunity for those looking to diversify their horizons: the possibility of developing a business based on tourist accommodation, satisfying an audience those longs for the experience of residing in a unique place.